Unigrow started as an organic compost producer located in Shah Alam to cater the needs of home users & small farms. We have since grown slightly thanks to the feedback & requests of our customers & users to include additional products. Our current offerings include 2 types of organic compost and a 100% water soluble fertilizer, to meet the requirements of most home gardens as well as commercial farmers.

Research has shown that plants are only able to absorb nutrients through organic medium. Unigrow Blue / Orange can be applied as organic substitute to regular fertilizers for landscaping and potted plants, as well as a supplement to enhance nutrient absorption in the field of farming to gain optimum yields. Unigrow Gold is formulated to boost the yields of fruits & vegetables using the latest technology in soluble fertilizer production.

Unigrow’s aim is to promote best practices for farming and gardening to the masses in order to achieve best possible results. Our current offering covers the most important need of plants, which is nutrient uptake. We look forward to expand our product range in the future as we continue to grow…with your plants.

For any further enquiries about Unigrow products, please send us an email at sales@unigrow.my or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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Zero Chemicals

No chance of “burning” your plants with overdose of conventional fertilizers.

Environmentally friendly

No harm to pets or any sort of biodiversity as well as waterways.

Safe handling

Absolutely non-toxic. Gloves are optional.

Moisture retention

Keeps the planting medium and soil moist ensuring sufficient hydration.



1KG @ RM5
15KG @ RM15

Unigrow Blue is primarily made out of Empty Bunches from the Fresh Fruit Bunches of the Oil Palm tree. Empty Bunches are a by-product of palm oil mills which process the Fresh Fruit Bunches to obtain Crude Palm Oil.

These Empty Bunches from the palm oil mill has been systematically stacked and naturally decomposed by exposure to rain and sunshine for more than 10 years. It is then extracted, processed, and packed for use as organic compost for all plant applications.

– 100% Pure Compost, no fillers.
– Can be used straight without mixing.
– Loose & fibrous. Mix with Unigrow Orange to firm up texture.
– Good drainage & aeration.
– Bulk density approximately 1.6L/kg


1KG @ RM5
15KG @ RM15

Unigrow Orange is primarily made out of Wheat Straw compost imported from Holland. Upon entering the country, the wheat straw compost is placed at a bulking facility exposed to rain and shine for over a year before being processed, fortified with live microbes, and packed for use as compost or soil conditioner for all plant applications. Highly recommended for germination purposes.

– Fortified with microbes & calcium.
– Safe to apply straight onto plants, without mixing.
– High water retention.
– Dense & fine. Mix with Unigrow Blue for better drainage & aeration.
– Bulk density approximately 1.3L/kg


1KG @ RM50
25KG @ RM650

100% Water Soluble Granules
12-5-35 + MgO + TE

Unigrow Gold is the first of its kind, high purity, fast acting granular fertilizer made from the highest quality raw materials that is 100% water soluble. This composition creates a powerful & effective nutrient source which is readily available for total absorption by plants in all soil conditions. Our unique drying process has eliminated the need for unwanted elements like binders & coatings to create the granular structure. Unlike most soluble fertilizers in the market that needs to be diluted in water before application, Unigrow Gold can be applied directly in its granular form without dilution.

– Free of excess salt and unwanted chemical impurities.
– Chloride free (MSPO & RSPO compliant).
– Minimal chemical residue in the soil.
– Highest Potassium (K) content in order to achieve desired yield.
– Can be applied all year round regardless of seasonal weather.
– Nutrient uptake efficiency is 5 times higher than conventional fertilizers.
– Lower handling costs (transportation & storage) due to lower application quantity required (80% less).


Existing Potted Plants

Top up to 1 inch from brim. Repeat when necessary.

Transfer of Potted Plants

Fill the new pot with Unigrow allowing enough room for the top of the plant’s root ball to sit 2 inches below the brim level. Place plant with root ball in the center and fill with Unigrow up to 1 inch from brim.

Ground Plants

Distribution around main trunk, at a radius of ideally 6 inches from the main trunk to the outermost leaf.

For any further enquiries about Unigrow products, please send us an email at sales@unigrow.my or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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* Delivery within the Klang Valley is FREE for orders above RM500. (Group buy with your neighbours perhaps?)
* Delivery charges within the Klang Valley is RM 50 / trip for orders below RM500.
* Delivery outside of the Klang Valley will be charged a nominal fee according to destination & quantity.


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